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Ambition is the First Step Towards

The Crazy Mare Ranch

About Us

The Ranch

The Crazy Mare Ranch is nestled in the lush rolling hills between Mayerthorpe and Barrhead, AB.  The ranch is owned and operated by Kevin and Ntala (pronounced "en-tall-ah") Quintilio, where they raise sheep, and goats and a few chickens. Spring of 2016 the Quintilio's built a small 8 point biathlon range to help facilitate training for biathlon.

The Herd
The Quintilios are busy raising more than just their son and daughter on the ranch. They have several horses, barn cats, a dog, and as of 2018 now a small herd of Angus Simmental cross cattle. The switch from sheep and goats to cattle was brought on by the need from more free time for travel with the kids. The memory of sheep and goats on the ranch is preserved in pictures. 


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