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But why should you care how your lamb is raised?

Our lamb tastes great
Compared to feedlot lamb, farm fresh lamb meat is more tender and tastes sweeter due to a low-stress environment and superior diet.  Simply put – happy, well-fed lambs taste better.

Our lamb meat is healthy for you and your family
Feeding your family farm fresh lamb means you are feeding them only quality meat, not steroids and synthetic hormones. Farm fresh lamb is also less fatty and has lower calories and cholesterol levels than feedlot lamb due to being raised with higher activity levels, excellent nutrition and low stress.

Our lambs are raised in a humane and sustainable manner
It is becoming more and more important for families to know where their food comes from.  Farm fresh lambs raised at The Crazy Mare Ranch enjoy space, fresh air, lush grass and quality animal husbandry to meet their needs.  While supporting the ‘buy local’ concept, purchasing our farm fresh lamb also reduces the use of non-renewable resources as we don’t need to transport large amounts of feed for the animals.

The bottom line?  You can sleep well knowing that you are feeding your family farm fresh lamb from the Crazy Mare Ranch. We look forward to doing business with you.

Farm Fresh Lamb
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